Rüssel the Firefighter

About Rüssel the Firefighter

The fire department are brave heroes facing daily challenges and life or death situations! The little tiger alone, in his smoldering room, gasps for air and only they can save him! Rüssel and Mouse rush to action with helicopters and heavy equipment, assisting firefighters to save his life. Despite the danger and many near misses, they manage to save the tiger and put out the fire. Even when it means in the end, the apartment was submerged under water and then sunk. As depicted in the famous educational RüsselBooks by Thomas Schallnau, the app works in conjunction without the addition of language or text. Our goal is bringing safety awareness to children about the dangers of fire in a familiar format that is engaging and fun. Funny animations, visuals and sound effects bring the characters to life.

Website: http://www.larsneumann.com


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