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RunoutCC is a flat strip, coil calculator built to allow you to create recipes for products that you work with everyday. Most coil calculators use generic values for the base metal, metallic coatings, and often do not even account for organic coatings and laminates. Recipes built by you within RunoutCC allow for accurate calculations! To get started, create recipes using the details of the coil coating systems applied to the flat strip the metallic, organic and/or laminate coatings. The details can be provided by the manufacturers or suppliers of the coated products. If you work with common dimensions regularly, set up multiple recipes with the base metal thickness and strip width already saved for fast, easy calculations. Those details are enough to calculate an estimated yield. To do more, enter a known coil mass, length or outside diameter. The other variables will be calculated based on this. Easy! Recipes can also be uploaded as a .csv file with a specially formatted header line. See support website for details. Some usage examples Estimate the mass of a wide copper coil by measuring the outside diameter of the coil. No scales required! Calculate the remaining length of a small prepainted, aluminium coil by entering its weight. No guessing! Calculate the outside diameter of an average galvanised steel coil to spec a new uncoiler. No hassle! It is important to remember that these calculations are estimates only. Icons by Icons8.


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