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Easiest RunWalk method interval timer in the app store. Just select the RunWalk interval with one touch, then click start. That's it! Two taps and you're running! Works in background and in sleep mode so you can access other apps or your music while the timers are running and still get the sound alerts. No complex menus or settings to worry about. Just run! This app uses sound alerts that work using the same system features as any alarm set on iOS devices. Therefore in order to hear the audio alerts, volume settings on the device for alarms/alerts needs to be set high enough for them to be audible." NOTE While all reviews are greatly appreciated, unfortunately, there is no way to respond to users who provide feedback using the ratings/reviews on the app store. In order to help you have the best experience with our apps, please contact us directly for any concerns. Check our website for video promo or Youtube at link below https// Many running groups or running clubs use the RunWalk method. If you are part of a group or club using this system or just follow it on your own or with friends this nofrills app is ideal. Features Runs in background and sleep mode Play your music while app is running Quick single button tap to select RunWalk intervals Select run times from 1 up to 10 minutes with a 1 minute walk or a 1 minute run with a 2 minute walk for just starting out. Optional background "beep" sound to indicate timers are running Quick glance Walk/Run visual indicators to tell if you should be running or walking App buttons can be hidden on the fly so accidental taps cannot occur Autolock can be turned off for while timers are running Thanks to all users of this app. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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