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Sailing on Starboard or Port on same or opposite tacks tips to steer your boat the "Right of Way". Whether rookie or experienced regatta sailor, everyone interested in the sport of sailing can find a selection of the four most important tips needed to steer your boat with the "Right of Way" against other boats powered by the wind. It is always good to know the rules a little better than the boats around you, and these video clips will help give you that advantage. The animations are presented as video clips, and comments can be printed out (pdf) as an extension to the tips and their simulated scenes, which you should watch on your iPhone or iPad. fter downloading them, you can use the tips without internet access to take with you on your yacht. The main purpose of this app is to visualize the paths sailed. They explain possible collisions, if you are sailing on "starboardtack or porttack", and show the way to avoid contact. But you have to consider four main right of way rules 1.When boats are on opposite tacks the port tack boat shall keep clear of a starboard tack boats(Rule 10). 2.When boats are on the same tack and overlapped, the boat to windward (the boat closest to the wind) shall keep clear of a leeward boat (Rule 11). 3.When boats are on the same tack and not overlapped, the boat that is astern shall keep clear of the boat ahead. (Rule 12). 4.When a boat is tacking (changing tack) it shall keep clear of boats that are not tacking (Rule 13). The basics of Right of Way Rules are defined by International Sailing Federation The animations are part of a game "Tactical Sailing Boat gainst Boat". In 2012 these tips were awarded the honor of the "European ward for Technology Supported Learning Best Media Didactics!“ iPhone, iPod and iPad This pp, however, is only the first step into the world of sailing. Designed for iPad, it will also display on iPhone, naturally with smaller sized videos. The tips are without sound due to memory space restrictions (150 Therefore, the text is a useful extension for iPhone because of its small font size, print and you can read the comments in a .pdf file. The video clips are also able to be viewed on pple These tips and a further 40 tips are part of the game "Tactical Sailing Game gainst the Wind", “Boat gainst Boat” and "Coach´s Toolbox". If you want to have fun with a powerful Tactic and Strategy game, see a demo for free and order it on our website Runs on Mac and Keep in touch with other Tactical Sailors and coaches, see the race board, news and Info online. © Title Photo Fried Elliott.



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