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Root cause analysis is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root causes of faults or problems. practice tries to solve problems by attempting to identify and correct the root causes of events, as opposed to simply addressing their symptoms. Focusing correction on root causes has the goal of preventing problem recurrence. Conversely, there may be several effective measures (methods) that address the root causes of a problem. Thus, is an iterative process and a tool of continuous improvement. is typically used as a reactive method of identifying event(s) causes, revealing problems and solving them. Analysis is done after an event has occurred. Insights in may make it useful as a preemptive method. In that event, can be used to forecast or predict probable events even before they occur. This app provides templates. Hit the corresponding textbox and add your own causes or effect.Give a name to the current template(Hit the Names text field) and save it. Hitting the drop down arrow of the names text field opens the list of saved templates. Menu > save to save templates Menu > New for new template Menu > Summary to summarise the template. Hit Action button to print/Email the templates. Hit drop down button to view and select saved templates. Menu > Settings to change the fontsize and fontcolor of each text box.


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