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Virtually explore the very best Roman ruins from the comfort of home. Immerse yourself in a wealth of stunning Roman sites it’s the next best thing to being there! Simply tilt, pan and move your iPad around to virtually walk through some of the world’s very best Roman ruins while also browsing expert guides to more than 350 Roman sites and over 1,500 aweinspiring photos. This astounding app is part virtual reality, part photo book and part inspirational travel guide all rolled into one. ‘History buffs will love the gorgeous interactive content in Roman Ruins It lets you wander around some of the most aweinspiring sites from the Roman Empire without leaving your front room. When you start exploring the 1,500+ highdefinition photos with expert narration, aerial views and oodles more fantastic content it’s not hard to see why the tablet computer is becoming the new coffeetable tome in so many homes’ News n engrossing app whether you're an expert in the subject matter, or simply a casual observer wondering what the Romans ever did for us' The Guardian 'Beautifully designed, informative entries and picture galleries from sites as diverse as Volubilis in Morocco to rmenia's Garni Temple' Lonely Planet 'There’s a pleasure in this app, which approaches its inexhaustible subject just right handsome photographs and links, the most important historical points and a little touristy info for visitors. Worth a place on the iPads of classics buffs and armchair (and actual) travelers' Kirkus Reviews terrific way to explore ancient Rome' fantastic app, the ideal reference guide for anyone interested in Roman history. purchase you can make with your eyes closed' apppicker Key Features Incredible Virtual Exploration of over 40 remarkable Roman sites Stunning erial Views of Roman ruins Expert narrative guides to more than 350 ancient Roman places Over 1,500 aweinspiring images Over 30 specialist collection guides This immersive, visuallyrich coffee table app has been professionally curated to help you discover a vast range of ruins from the Roman Empire and Roman historical sites. You can explore Roman archaeological sites by country, category, gallery browsing or via the interactive map. Collections include curated guides to the very best Roman amphitheatres, temples, forts, aqueducts, theatres, baths, underground ruins, hidden gems and many more. You can browse collections of the bestpreserved historic sites of the Roman Empire, editor’s choices and a top ten list. There’s even a collection of heritage sites linked to the life of Julius Caesar, following in the very footsteps of this famous Roman general! Roman Ruins also provides a fascinating educational teaching aide, allowing students to safely explore historic sites all across the world perfect for schoolroom classics, classroom history or classroom geography alike! Explore Roman Ruins By Country Type of Ruin Gallery Browsing Expert Collections Z Map Specialist Collections Bring You Virtual Tours of Incredible ancient Roman Sites erial Roman Places The Most Famous Roman Empire Sites Picturesque Roman Ruins Hidden Gems of ancient Rome The Best Preserved Roman Ruins Curious Roman Sites Top Ten Roman Historic Sites Editors Highlights Follow in the Footsteps of Julius Caesar Roman rcheological Sites by the Sea Discover Curated Guides to the Very Best Roman queducts Roman renas & mphitheatres Roman Baths Roman Bridges Roman Circuses Roman Cities Roman Forts Roman Monuments & rches Roman Mosaics Roman Museums Roman Palaces Roman Statues Roman Temples Roman Theatres Roman Tombs Roman Villas Roman Walls & Fortifications Roman Wars & Battlefields Underground Roman Sites



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