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It is here after years of requests! help for parents with sleep challenged babies and toddlers. If helping a baby to sleep were as easy as many 'experts' say, then why are there still so many problems? The App helps babies and toddlers sleep by providing parents with information education actual steps to settling. The Health Professionals who developed RockaBub have worked with literally thousands of sleep challenged babies and toddlers and now share their wisdom with families in this app. Based on the information from the renowned Safe Sleep Space Book and DVDs, this app helps parents better understand their babies and toddlers, so they can offer experiences and guidance that are appropriate to the baby/toddlers developing brain. The Safe Sleep Space approach is utilized by Early Parenting Professionals world wide because it fosters; an understanding of the infant brain development and capacities the need for connectedness between baby and care giver respect for the experience of both baby/toddler and care givers and provides real strategies to help babies through the adjustment to healthy sleep patterns in a loving and mutually regulating way. Kindness and understanding, combined with appropriate structure are the keys to this highly utilized Safe Sleep Space approach. is needed to help babies and toddlers reach a place where they can experience an emotionally safe sleep space. Developed by b2cloud >


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