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The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in Science, Finance, Business, Accounting and real state. The Software's calculator simulates the real calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 & 5 retina display, with the uniques features of the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch platforms. Over 250 builtin Menudriven functions in a clear and informative fashion for loans, savings and leasing. Amortization Table calculation. List based Cash Flow analysis. and calculations. Bonds price and yield for 30/360 or Real calendar with Annual or Semiannual coupons. and Depreciation calculation. Percentage calculation. Interest rate conversions. Date and Time arithmetics. Dates in or modes List based, two variable Statistical analysis. Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic and Power curvefitting. Equation Solver. Selectable or Algebraic input logic. Continuous memory. User selectable number format etc.... iPhone & iPod touch added features Copy and Paste touching the display. Highlight "Shift" functions setting. Dynamic menu key labels and mode keys. Status line added in the Display. Extensive memory content view. Tip calculation menu application. Reference Quick Help view. Detailed Amortization table view. Trigonometric, hyperbolic functions added. Combinations and Permutations functions added. Polar to rectangular and vice versa conversions. List editor for cash flows and statistics. Solver Equation Editor and variables sorter views. File Save & Load for and lists. File Save & Load for Solver equations. Currency & conversions picker with online rates. New Settings view to Select the scientific labels set to show. Highlight 'Shift' functions toggle. Adjust sound effects volume. Disable the device autolock when the calculator is running. Adjust the display illumination. Set the calculator mode to '' or Set the number format to or 'All' digits. Set the number of decimals to show. Select the decimal and thousands separator character. Select the Angle unit to or Select the date format to or Set the operation priority. Free support & updates Functional differences with the real ; Memory limited to the device's available memory (the real has only English Language Only. No clock, alarms, appointments and text functionality. No printing functionality except in selected views (Amortization table and Help views). Calculator's mode status indicators always visible in the display. Selectable sets of scientific functions 'Shift' Labels for the numeric keys. System Requirement iPhone iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPod touch with System 6.0 or above. Please send any comment, bug report or feature request to "support@rlmtools.com".


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