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Visit www.rkalk.com to see video tutorials on powerful features! Don't spend $100+ on an old fashioned graphing calculator. Get all these features (plus more added with every update) Algebra and Trigonometry Functions for calculating the absolute value, floor, ceiling, gcd, fractional part, integer part, and more Nestable functions gcd(4,gcd(14,6)) Scientific Notation with 14 digit precision the highest possible machine level precision for iPhone Standard trig functions (sine, cosine, cosecant, secant, cotangent) Hyperbolic and inverse trig functions Statistics Min, max, mean, standard deviation, variance Easy to use list syntax stdDev({1,2,3,2}) Create custom lists seq(rand1,5) Calculus Calculate the area under a curve fnInt(2 1, 2) Find a point derivative nDeriv(X^2+ 0) Solve for zeros solve(X^2 2, 1.5) Complex number operations conj(), real(), imag() Linear Algebra Matrices use built in operators, like "" for multiplication [[1,2][3,4]] [[5,6][7,8]] Use builtin functions on matrices sin({1, 2, 3}) Get the dimensions of a matrix dim([[4, 5, 6][7, 8, 9]]) Extras Email your calculation history Get support online at RKalk.com, or email us directly contact@rkalk.com The grapher is intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. The features you'll love Touchable panning and pinch zooming Vibrant multicolored graphs The best graph tracing you've ever seen Full screen shots Version 1.2 is available now! It adds the much requested degree/radian mode! It's faster and more powerful than ever! New in Version 1.2 Create and modify lists sortA(seq(rand,1,10)) Userdefined functions func( While loops while(not(isPrime(X)), Degree and radian angle modes (in Settings below the Graph button) Quickly adjust your graph scale for "Degree Mode" with the new "ZoomTrig" button Faster graphing Visit www.rkalk.com for documentation, including video tutorials, sample problems, and function reference.

Website: http://www.rkalk.com/


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