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is a health and fitness tracker that leverages the power of Heart Rate Variability to reduce stress, transform your body & REVITAlize your life. What’s included in ? iOS app Cutting edge Heart Rate Variability tool Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Chest Strap Tote Bag To skyrocket your results we included a simple and effective 5week food and exercise plan customized to your needs. ES Without the Bluetooth Sensor or strap you will have access to the Heart Rate Variability Assessment, Heart Rate Monitor, and Chart functions in the app. Upon purchase of the , you will receive a App Code in an email from . Use the App Code at the time of registration. The app has integrated Apple’s Health app and imports Steps & Mileage via Apple's HealthKit. You can reference all your data in the Log. iOS 8.0 and later, compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 2nd Generation and later compatible Bluetooth Smart Chest Strap (included with program purchase) iOS8 enabled Bluetooth enabled Daily Alarms that keep you motivated and accountable Daily Surveys that track sleep, food, mood, and training load so you can have a deeper understanding of what causes your V to rise and fall Social Sharing features that allow you to instantly broadcast your Scores and Workout Data Visually enriched dashboard that gives you a fuller picture of your health, fitness and wellness.



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