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Reveal lets you meet new people through questions and answers! anyone, anything. Your questions can be silly, serious, or somewhere in between, and they will be sent out to Revealers all over the world. questions with a quick photo, video or drawing. Show off your personality and express your opinions. answers from all over the world to see what people think and make new friends. People are crazier, funnier, and more interesting than you may have ever expected. Reveal Coin for inviting friends and getting likes on your content. Reveal Coin is not just a points system, or a reputation score. It’s an actual cryptocurrency that we’ve built in to Reveal, and it’s backed by our future ad revenue. It’s our way of making you an owner in the social network that we’re creating together. Please Note We require mobile number verification in order to reduce spam. We do not require Facebook, Twitter, or other thirdparty authorizations. While pictures/videos that you post may become inaccessible through the app interface, that does not mean that they are inaccessible by other means after they expire. Reveal has a strict antibullying policy, the violation of which may result in your suspension or permanent removal from the app.



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