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Practice breathing techniques to help reduce stress, releases tension, focus the mind and has an overall calming affect on the body and mind. Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing) Taking deep, regular breaths is a great way to calm your nervous system, naturally reduce stress hormones and helps the mind focus. This is a fantastic calming technique which can be done almost anywhere to reduce stress and anxiety quickly. Use the slider to change the time period, challenge yourself to do longer breaths for greater benefits. 478 (Relaxing Breath) Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Use this technique when something before you react to something that upsets you. Use it to help you fall asleep on sleepless nights. Prevent food binging by doing this when cravings strike. Customize Try different inhaling, exhaling and holding times to find the set up best suited for your body and mind. Use these techniques on a daily basis to improve your mental and physical health.


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