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Are you ready to have a healing Reiki time? Welcome to Reiki Healing Music Therapy, the app that will aid you during your spiritual healing moments when you are mostly in need of deep relaxation. Here you will find all that you need to soothe your soul and body. All of our songs are extremely versatile, and can be used in many occasions; may it be for emotional healing, as a background for a holistic healing massage, or when you are giving a Thai or Swedish massage. Keep your relaxing instrumental music always at hands reach with Reiki Healing, and use it to make your bio energy healing sessions even more special! Start by selecting the song that you wish to play; they are 10 oriental instrumental songs in total, the first 5 are completely free, and were created as the perfect background for your therapeutic touch. 10 Songs for Hands on Healing 1. Heaven Retreat 2. Hot Hands 3. Kundalini 4. Peaceful Times 5. Mystic Voyage 6. Reflections of a Dream 7. Positive Thinking 8. Therapeutic Stones 9. Vitality Symbols 10. Sacred River Relax even more by adding special soft reiky sounds of nature to your shamanic song. You will have a selection of 5 natural sounds from which to create a deep relaxation atmosphere. Two are free, while the remaining 2 are unlocked through inapp purchases. Nature Sounds for Harmony & Serenity 1. Seashores 2. Early Morning 3. In the Wood 4. Ocean Waves 5. Rainforest Last but not least, you can unlock the timer feature in order to properly time your reiki energy transferral. Select how long each song will play, and start your palm healing! We hope you can improve your moments of harmony and serenity through this app. May it help you find peace and wellbeing. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at


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