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Redicall is a new way to make cheaper international and local calls that just works... With some of the best rates available and state of the art technology it lets you call anyone, anytime, from anywhere in a cheaper way. Why Redicall? Redicall is free to download and includes free credit for you to try it out. So stop reading, download it and check for yourself. + We have some of the best rates available worldwide and always with top quality. Redicall lets you call any number available worldwide, so you can call people who don’t have the app installed. When calling from Redicall, people will see you current mobile number, as it would normally see with a regular call. Redicall gives you a new way of calling, by connecting the call for you and then calling you. This means the call does not use your internet connection, and is available even in low bandwidth conditions like It's just like a regular call, but cheaper. We give you constant cost information, and there are no hidden fees like Connection fees, etc.. During a Call, you can easily switch to a call, this allows you to never hang up a call just because your signal weakens, and all this while still making a cheap call.


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