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Manage. Organize. Scale. Personalize. Keep all your personal recipes on your iPad and iPad mini. Scale recipes by serving size to number of dinner guestssomething your ordinary cookbook can't do! Personalize your collection with custom recipe card designs. Enter recipes with dictation! (available on newer iPads & iPad minis) 2013 Best Cooking App in Best App Ever awards 5 star reviews Really, really like this! Where have you been all my life! Love the colors and want to get the decorated ones, too. Really good and worth the money!”C.songwriter ”his is recipe organizer ever!...I love the sizer part of this app.”Rick “Great app for those who love to cook...he genius is that you can then change the serving size and the app recalculates the ingredient proportions”Peggywilkins “Love this cooking app. Have used several ones and keep coming back to this one!”Flick35 Featured by Apple In the Spotlight at iPad launch, Holiday Cooking, Party Planner, & Summertime BestAppEver Awards Best Cooking App, Best Parenting App + Organize all recipe cards, handwritten family recipes, & recipe clippings on iPad or iPad mini + Personalize with recipe card designs + Change the serving size & recipe is resized to number of guests coming for dinner! Customize recipes for families, couples, large or small groups to Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer™. + Scales using SmartScaling™ optimizes results in real world measurements and minimum steps. We never convert 1 to 17 our app knows it's actually 1 cup + 1 ! Use dictation to enter recipes (newer iPad/iPad mini only) using keyboard microphone 500+ preloaded ingredient picklist, edit or your own Custom sliders to pick fractions & units. Select volumes, weights, & items (for "eggs" or "cans of tomato paste") No need to type manually! Import using copy/paste from Internet, email, other iPad docs Landscape & Portrait support and Search by Ingredient or Recipe Name or flip thru the Alphabetical Index Search & tag by multiple Categories. Edit/add your own. Personalize your collection with beautiful designer recipe card designs. Basic packs included, purchase more inapp. on Scale recipes using SmartScaling™. No more kitchen math. Easytoread, full screen for cooking. Adjust Font Sizes to read easier. Always screen. No need to touch your iPad with messy hands while cooking! Don't want to cook with your iPad? out recipes. of Multiple backup solutions to secure your valuable data Recipes are autosaved locally to your iPad, as entering Data is during iunes sync or iCloud Backup Make additional using File Sharing in iunes converted recipes to friends & family recipes on AirPrintcapable printers Use iunes File Sharing to copy recipe database to other devices Add Photos International convert between & Metric Double, triple, & halve buttons, or custom scale by serving sizes Include miniinstructions in ingredient names “2 eggs, separated” or long names like four “14.5 oz cans" No logins or website accounts required No internet connection requiredall recipes saved locally on device Elegant, beautiful, & useful simulated recipe box and cards interface Great for holiday cooking, parties, and BBQ's Resize meals to family size Meals for one or two Catering for crowds Convert between Europeanbased recipes and based Designed & used daily by a developer parent who cookswe're always looking for ways to improve & add features. Please contact us at support(at) We strive for exceptional customer service. ested and supports iOS8.



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