is an application that recreates the sound of steel pans on your iPad/iPhone. Also known as steel drums and kettle drums, this musical instrument originated in the Caribbean's Trinidad and Tobago. Please enjoy these beautiful tones that were sampled from a real steel pan (Tenor Pan). Tapping your screen with your finger will produce a regular sound like playing the steel pan with a mallet once. If you push and hold a note, it will produce a twohanded roll on that note. You can also produce a roll by holding down the drumstick/mallet icon in the lowerleft corner of the screen while playing notes. When using this “roll icon,” you do not have to push and hold notes to get the roll sound. The "Tap & hold to roll" function can now be turned on/off. When disabled, performance response is quicker, but you cannot "hold to roll." Regardless of this setting, however, the "Roll" button in the lowerleft corner of the screen is always active. There are two performance screens One has the notes laid out just like a real steel pan. The other has the notes laid out like a piano keyboard, which is particularly useful if you are an inexperienced pannist. Enjoy panning!




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