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The most exhaustive content you will ever find in an Over 1,000 concepts and questions with answer explanations in World History!!! Topics Covered [1] Period up to c. 600 Peopling of the Earth, Neolithic Revolution and Early Agricultural Societies and Early Agricultural, Pastoral, and Urban Societies [2] c. 600 to c. 600 Development of Religious and Cultural Traditions, Development of States and Empires and Emergence of Transregional Networks of Communication and Exchange [3] c. 600 to c. 1450 Communication and Exchange Networks, State Forms and Economic Activity and Productivity [4] c. 1450 to c. 1750 Globalizing Networks of Communication and Exchange, State Consolidation and Imperial Expansion, New Forms of Social Organization and Modes of Production [5] c. 1750 to c. 1900 Global Migration, Imperialism and NationState Formation, Industrialization and Global Capitalism and Nationalism, Revolution, and Reform [6] c. 1900 to the Present Global Conflicts and their Consequences, Global Economy, Society, and Culture, Science and the Environment QVprep World History app is ideal for High School students preparing for World History exam Subject test) College History majors Schools Colleges Anyone who wants to study, review and prepare for World History Features The app allows you to learn World History concepts in a very simple and user friendly manner. In the "Learn" mode of the app, you click on the "Concepts" button, review the "concept text" and then answer multiple choice questions related to the concept that you just reviewed. If you answer wrong, a detailed "answer explanation" will be displayed, which will reinforce learning. Proceed in this manner to complete a particular topic at your own pace. Thus, by referring to the "World History Concept text" and then answering multiple choice questions, your learning is faster and complete. In the "Test" mode, the app does not show the context text to help you. Instead, you use your learnings from the app and attempt multiple choice questions. Again, the app prompts you with detailed answer explanation in case you answer wrong. This proven process again reinforces learning. Share your test score by emailing the scores to yourself or someone else. The app also allows you to post your score on your facebook page or your twitter account. With an exhaustive content on World History, we are sure you will be able to learn, review and excel in World History. QVprep World History is useful for preparing for subject test World History Revision of concepts to ace World History exam Learning World History Concept Review Practice test on World History Consulting Our mission is to develop educational apps for every subject, every country, every school and college so that today's modern technology like smart phones and tablets is used for education and learning of school, college and academic curriculum. This app is ideal for accelerated learning at your own pace, on the go. http//worldhistory.Qvprep.com College Board, Advanced Placement Program and are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the development of this app and does not endorse this app

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