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Launch Sale 50% off QuickKey is a custom keyboard that allows you to predefine "snippets" of text like your email addresses, common phrases and more so that you can quickly sign in to apps, fill out forms, or type custom phrases. If you've ever accidentally mistyped your email address when signing up for something, or ordered something online and had to type in your address, you know how tedious it can be. QuickKey makes it easy. With a single tap, you can type in your email address. Forms can be filled out easily, inserting each segment of your name and address as needed. In addition, you can define custom phrases that you type often, so you can enter them in any app. note about QuickKey privacy The QuickKey app and keyboard do not transmit anything in the app, or anything you type, off your device. The keyboard does not track anything you type. ll of your personal information remains completely private. If you have questions or problems with the app, please feel free to contact support@littlefin.com.

Website: http://quickkey-app.com


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