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Overview Built for Live performance and hands free use, Quantiloop recreates the simplicity of a hardware loop pedal in an iOS app. Attach a foot controller and control it the way you want. No controller at hand; just preset your loop length, enable autorecord or a countin and your loops will automatically close, no hands or feet required. Big onscreen controls allow for easy configuration and tactile control by vocalists or beat boxers. Focus on your performance instead of fiddling with dip switches or complex menu’s. Be Creative Create two tracks with endless layers of overdubs to build your performance. Record a Chorus and Verse in each track and switch between them seamlessly, or create a 1 bar percussie loop on track one, a 4 bar chord progression on track two and layer a bass line on top, all in perfect synchronisation. Rhythm Guide The builtin rhythm guide provides a rhythmic backing. Use the internal metronome for practice, import drum loops from virtually anywhere or host and control your favourite rhythm apps to enhance your performance. Ableton Link you lets you even play in time with external apps and devices. Quantisation aligns your actions to the nearest measure or beat so you stay in time, and realtime tempo control sets the pace. Prefer setting your own pace, disable quantisation and Quantiloop will react to your actions with minimum latency to create tight synchronised recordings. Features Free, Synced and Serial Playing Styles Multiple Quantise Modes Multiple Stop Modes Adjustable Fade Out Unlimited Overdubs Overdub Decay Undo / Redo Auto Record High quality stereo audio Clear loop status display Rhythm guide with optional autostart, autostop and countin Audible and Visual Metronome Send start, stop and host sync to hosted rhythm apps. Sync to host when embedded in an InterAppAudio host Realtime Tempo Control Extensive control Multiple Assignments per controller (tap, hold, double tap) Support for Audiobus and InterAppAudio Individual outputs for each track and rhythm Synchronise to other apps and devices with Ableton Link clock sync Cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Audioshare …) import / export AudioCopy/Paste Store Phrase Presets in unlimited banks with 32 presets each


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