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pzizz solve insomnia, get stress relief, boost energy! For the ultimate sleep at night, and incredible power naps during the day. pzizz was the 1 Paid App in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, ndia, reland. The new pzizz app includes both Sleep and Power Nap (previously called "Energiser") modules. No adverts. No limitations. (Original price was $9.99 per module, total $19.98). Not to be confused with other ‘applications’ that simply play the same soundtrack each time you use them, pzizz generates a brand new track every time you tap "Start”, so the more you use pzizz, the better it works! t's like having Michael Breen, one of the world's top NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Trainers on call to help you sleep or power nap whenever you need him. All you have to do is just plug in, switch on and relax it's so simple… and so effective! f you have problems sleeping, you're stressed or you suffer from a lack of energy we’re sure that pzizz can help you, just as it has for so many others. No drugs, nothing to 'learn', no nonsense. Get to sleep quicker and destress faster! Whether you’re using pzizz to sleep at night or power nap during the day, with pzizz you will wake up feeling fantastic! pzizz has helped more than 500,000 people from all around the world to relax, reenergize and get better sleep. Doctors, international sports stars, business leaders, chefs, new parents and students are just some of the types of people who love pzizz. Will you be next? "As a sufferer of insomnia have to credit pzizz with practically saving my life! Definitely worth a try!" Howard Kaufman, "With pzizz, the effects were both immediate and dramatic. Not only did fall asleep more easily, stayed asleep longer and woke up refreshed. 'm most grateful for my pzizz." Clyde Phillips, " guarantee you will relax more deeply than ever before... know did! Nick Musker, Actor, Los Angeles, "While volunteering at an event where four hours of sleep is typical, we "pzizzed" for 20 minutes the morning of our second day, and in 20 minutes felt as if 'd gained a whole night's sleep." Dr. Jonathan James Brummel, London, There are other sleep and relaxation programs available, but none have the unique, patented features of pzizz, none are as effective, and none will work forever. Generates a slightly different soundtrack. Every time you tap "Start", pzizz creates a slightly different soundtrack for you. This means you can use your pzizz forever, and the more you use it, the more effective it becomes. ncredibly simple to use. Simply press ‘Start’ to use default settings, or customize your pzizz to suit you exactly, with effect every time. Highly customizable. Adjust time, volumes, switch voice on or off, or add a effect for a fully personalized listening experience. nspiring words, enchanting music, delightful sound effects and binaural beat combine for a delightful listening experience. Structured random algorithm creates a different soundtrack you use it (over 100 billion combinations), which means pzizz will be effective Fully time adjustable from 10 minutes 12 hours (depending on module) to fit in with your schedule. Adjust individual voice and music volumes to suit you while you listen for a fully personalized experience. And other settings to personalize your pzizz. Turn the voice on or off or just have it at the beginning or select different sound effects for the voice (regular stereo or ). Select different sound effects for the voice (regular stereo or )


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