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The PushPress Timer is the cleanest, easiest, most amazeballingest Timer out there. Built with high intensity workouts in mind, this timer handles almost every workout you can think of MP's, Count Up, Count Down, EMOM's, Tabata's and more! Get Motivated! Some of the most famous names in the world of Funcational Fitness are waiting to count you down. We've got ja Barto, Carl Paoli, Coach Burgener, Diane Fu, Elyse Umeda, and Jamie Hagiya are ready to light the fire under your a. We’ve already recorded audio of some other hot commodities in the community and we’re recording more audio all the time! Expect frequent updates with more of the top athletes and coaches joining the mix! It’s So Simple We’ve taken a fresh approach to the typical timer, and made one that’s clean, crisp and clear. We know you probably have sweat (or blood) in your eye, and reading a clock that’s not well laid out might be a nightmare. The PushPress Timer has a big, bold display, highly contrasting colors and very easy to understandataglance interface. Stop wasting time trying to tell how far into a workout you are, and keep on moving that weight! Free Gym Clock Pair this app with your (using an pple ) and You got yourself an instant massive, kick a clock for your gym to use for workouts. Forget that old analog beeping clock from the 1980’s put up a big ol’ in your gym and run this clock off of it. Use that when you’re not running a class to show YouTube videos of Klokov snatching mad weight… or use it to show Barney reruns to the kids. Either way, it’s a massive upgrade to your space, something your clients will appreciate. Even though we really really love us some functional fitness (and own a couple boxes ourselves), The PushPress Timer is not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc., The CrossFit Games, or any other property owned by CrossFit, Inc. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc.

Website: https://pushpress.com/apps/timer


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