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Some people just have the most unbelievable luck! What mean is they get far more than their fair share. You have seen it happen many times. But it never happens to you. You’ve had a bit of luck now and then, but mostly you have to work hard and struggle for every little thing, and more often than not, someone else beats you to the post at the last minute. Coming from nowhere. Riding on their luck, making lots of money, as if by some magic. Exactly! Magic! What you need, is Magic. Then you could be prosperous too! And as Luck would have it, you have in front of you a magic spell, which will bring you that Prosperity, when and where you need it most. (You know where!) This is how it works To get unbelievably prosperous, a message has to be sent to the Universe that you are in a fix, and need a lucky break! How do you send such a message? All you have to do, is to get this Magic Spell App, follow the easy instructions, cast the spell and watch it all happen. That’s how easy it is. Because, as someone said Ask, and you shall receive! Yes, this is a real, real Magic Spell, conjured by the sixth generation wizard Charodan, who is one of the resident Magicians (and witches) at How cool is that? Absolutely real, genuine magic! (Many other spells are available from Magic Spells Now, as Apps.) So Download the App, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the Prosperity spell. All you have to do, is to Believe that the spell will work for you. Think hard and with a lot of emotion about the sort of prosperity you desperately need. This is very important, because it is emotion, which carries your message out into the Universe. Emotion is the “broadband” the “service provider” of Magic. More Emotion more prosperity Follow the prompts to load and release the spell. Listen to the spell being spoken by a wizard from your device on your behalf. Relax and stop worrying about anything. Your message was sent out. Your life will turn around as if by magic! That’s the way magic works. You need to take action and send that message out. Stop hoping for the best, when you can get some magic help and ensure that everything will work out the way you want it! Don’t worry the spell will not wear out. You can cast it again and again, every time you need prosperity to start coming your way. Hey that sounds Magic! Well, of course it does, because it is! So what are you waiting for? Get your Prosperity Spell App and send that message out. The Universe is ready to help you but you have to ask!! Created for you by Charodan, sixth generation wizard from MagicSpellsNow



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