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QULITY chieve a better quality of life with ProMOOD. Correct bad habits and create better, healthier ones, using the most advanced technologies of neuroscience (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Mindfulness, utokinetiks, (Emotion Free Therapy), and more. LONE ProMood is a partner in your own pocket backed by years of clinical psychology experience that will make be the key of your success. Start by sharing your mood and you will be given the right tool to find a solution that fits to your own personality. N ESY PTH THNKS LGORITHM ProMood will give you an specific, useful and personalised advice that will work just for you. Most apps out there are just a collection of preset suggestions. ProMood is the result of years of experience in the form of an algorithm that makes the magic, leaving the complex operations on the background. ProMOOD SMRT ProMood will learn more about you every time you use it. To begin, you will be presented with a series of questions and a personality type test to collect all the insight about your inner strengths and weaknesses. This is how ProMood will learn who you are. CHNGE ProMOOD will guide you through 3 stages Identifying the problem, making a plan, performing the plan. This is the most successful way to make a change, and this is where the app excels at it. HIGHLIGHTS Unique problemsolving techniques. Tests Personality Type, Stress Proclivity, Loneliness, etc. 8weeks Mindfulness training. Facebook and Twitter integration. Panic attack emergency button. Chat Get help or be a helper. Keep track of tasks, schedule and add reminders. Security to keep your data safe. Revisit your mood history in your Profile. FETURES T GLNCE + Mood This is the heart of the app. s soon as you start your session you will be prompted about your mood; are you feeling bad? Soso? Great? Each path have it’s own set of tools to help you improve your current state or understand why you are happy, so you can use that information when you’re not feeling that well. + Profile This is your main stop if you want to check how you are doing. It’s got a record of your sessions, average mood, achievements, test results and personal information. ll in one place, all accessible. + Goals There will be many techniques that will push you towards a goal that you've set for yourself. ccording to what you’ve completed, the app will create different tasks that will be added to your Goals section. This, together with reminders will push you to reach your goals, avoid procrastination, indecision, worry, etc. + Techniques This is a new section with the list of available Techniques ready to select and start immediately. + Trainings This section could be an app on its own. It’s the place we've dedicated for you to train yourself in different fields. First training included with the app is an 8Week Mindfulness program that will guide you twice a day into the discipline of meditation and self awareness. New trainings will be added periodically. + Community We included a chat feature with a bit of a twist, we've divided users between the ones that “Get help” or “Give help”. Depending on the choice you make, you will be randomly connected to a user in the opposite side. If you had a good connection, you can add the person as friend and chat at any other time. nd don’t worry, if privacy is a concern for you, we’ve included an option to chat as anonymous. + Panic ttack Panic attacks are becoming increasingly common these days, and even though a person feels helpless while having one, there are tools to fight these symptoms. We've included a quick, practical tool to help you deal with this at any time, just put your headphones and follow the guide. Check our website for more info Support



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