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60% off until next update! Coming Soon Optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus iPad Landscape Mode Apply for beta Procraster’s aim is to make you more productive through Guiding you to overcome blocks to action Procraster Cloud Procraster QuickTask Manage tasks, projects and Areas of Responsibility Track your time usage through charts. Only on the App Store Universal App Optimised for both iPhone and iPad Featured blocks to action My task is too big don’t know where to start ’ve made a mistake have to finish have to be perfect Task Management compatible Organise by tags and Areas of Responsibility Set due and start date with reminders Advanced recurring tasks and projects with relative due dates Delegate to your contacts Change status active/paused/completed/dropped Add notes Sequential and parallel projects Task and project search Procraster Cloud nstant Cloud Sync (you never have to click sync) Sync tasks, projects, stats, areas of responsibility, tags, and rewards with unlimited devices No monthly fees Procraster QuickTask Procraster helps you quickly choose a task to start on Algorithm ranks all tasks based on several criteria f you have time left, before leaving let Procraster pick a task for you! Timer ntegrated with Procraster’s tasks and projects Set session and break time Define rewards to motivate yourself Timer Mode Get motivated to finish your session Stopwatch Mode Flexible time tracking Calendar ntegration Visualise your productive time Stats Generate beautiful charts Show stats by project, task or area of responsibility Compare stats between projects, tasks or Areas of Responsibility Customise chart appearance area, column or line chart Get stats by preferred perspective days, weeks, months or years Save or share your charts Backup and Restore Backup to your Dropbox® account Automatic Backup once a day Reviews “Procraster figures out why you’re procrastinating and helps you fix it” BuzzFeed “Procraster [is] an app that figures out what’s blocking you from completing your tasks.” “One of the apps on my iPhone is the Procraster app. 've found it to be useful as a taskmaster and appreciate how the app zeroes in on why people procrastinate as well as what you can do to overcome blocks to action.” The Huffington Post “[Procraster is] a uniquely innovative approach to help you stop procrastinating today!” appPicker “Procraster will be the best motivation for you to complete projects” Business nsider “Procraster isn't a task list app, it's a project completion app that helps you break down and complete projects in a logical and realistic way that minimises stress” iMore “Now you can get your huge projects done in a reasonable way to get all of that stress off your shoulders” MacMurmur “Procraster is a very unique approach to managing your necessary tasks that you keep putting off” AppAdvice



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