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Winner of the Mobile Of The Day ward! Procoding is a mobile code sketching for /JavaScript and comes as a universal app, running both on the iPad and the iPhone. Create interactive visuals with Procoding for i. Code your favorite sketches for generative design on your iPad or iPhone. Featuring a clean and beautifully integrated interface, individually optimized for the best JavaScript coding experience on iPad and iPhone, including a Syntax Highlighting Editor and an easily accessible reference. New in version 3.5 +++ Local Webserver preview sketches anywhere in your local network +++ New in version 3 +++ i 7 redesign +++ brand new editor +++ New in version 2.5 +++ Resource Manager add images, additional code and media resources to sketches +++ Export as standalone project folder and run your sketches on any modern web browser. +++ full list of new features and improvements can be found inside the app. Features Create, edit & run Canvas / JavaScript .js, D3.js, Paper.js, Procoding.js or Processing(js) .pde sketches Full featured code editor with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, find & replace, syntax themes and coding keybar for frequently used keys iCloud sync across all your devices, incl. Procoding for (available separately on the Mac pp Store) dd images, sounds, custom fonts, libraries and additional code (classes) with the Resource Manager Export as project folder run your sketches standalone without Procoding and File import/export via Dropbox, iTunes Sharing & EMail Save screenshots to your camera roll and keep individual covers for your sketches Integrated reference index with syntax snippet inserter for processingjs; included offline reference for JavaScript (ECM, JavaScript PIs, D3.js, Paper.js and Procoding.js Embedded Web Server you can preview the current sketch from any browser in your local network (WiFi required) Universal binary, individually optimized for iPhone & iPad, landscape or portrait Basic runtime error console log and (for JavaScript sketches) a Hint live syntax checker to find and fix errors as you type Retina optimized for high resolution displays (incl. your sketches) Supports processingmobile (ccelerator, Gyroscope, Multitouch) Supports input from virtual keyboard Exciting demo sketches included, e.g. shows how to use multitouch, geolocation, device motion ... Created with love <3 Procoding uses PIs (e.g. Canvas) and supports processing.js, a JavaScript port of the Processing language. Procoding relies on Mobile Safari. Therefore some features of Processing aren't supported (P) and WebGL require i 8 No external processing libraries Modified processing.js source code and additional reference documentation available on Requirements iPad, iPad mini, iPhone (incl. iPhone 6) or iPod Touch i 7 or i 8 (recommended)



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