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Drop price to $0.99 for limited time We wish have a great holiday! Pro Tuner is a welldesigned Chromatic Tuner on iPhone/iPad especially for Guitar and Bass players. t's highly accurate (Up to ±1/1000 semitone (±0.1 cent) precise) and has more than 100 preset builtin tuning modes. Beside, you can also create your own/favorite tunings. Moreover, by tapping the strings, you can get guitar reference sounds easily. Unlike other tuners, Pro Tuner works fantastic at low pitch. Pro Tuner supports two input modes Builtin Microphone Mode and Linein Mode; Guitar Clip Microphone is also supported. Userfriendly, extremely easy to use. Universal purchase once, available on all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Support chromatic tuning, especially optimized for acoustic/electric Guitar and Bass. Real guitar reference sound, helps to do coarse tuning or practice tuning by ear >100 builtin tuning modes. Customized tuning modes, supports 48 strings instrument Favorite tuning modes, add what you like to your favorite tuning mode list nputLevel indicator Support iPhone 5 Tuning Range (Full Range) Up to ±1/1000 semitone (±0.1 cent) precise Reference Pitch Fixed 440Hz Temperament Equal Temperament Clip Microphone Supported nner Microphone Supported Builtin Tuning Modes (Reference Sound Provided) 1. General Tunings 2. Lower Tunings 3. Higher Tunings 4. Dropped Tunings 5. Doubledropped Tunings 6. Major Open Tunings 7. Minor Open Tunings/Crossnote Tunings 8. Modal Tunings 9. Miscellaneous Tunings 10. 5 String Tunings 11. 7 String Tunings 12. 8 String Tunings 13. Bass Tunings 14. Ukulele Tunings 15. Mandolin Family Tunings 16. Banjo Family Tunings 17. Bouzouki Tunings iPod Touch 3rd generation requires an external microphone. For those who want to buy the clip sensor and the adapter, please check the link http// About EUMLab EUMLab's goal is to unleash your music talent ! With magic technology, EUMLab provides many products to help you create or learn music. More about us on Follow us on Twitter/Facebook @EUMLab Questions? Write to us Watch videos on Our customers said "Works great with the iPhone! Best Tuner have ever used!" "Just got this app less than five minutes ago and tuned my guitar with it. t's so easy to use, and very accurate. Get it while it's free! And if you're looking at this while it's paid for, still get it! t's worth it.Merry Christmas! )" "Tried a few tuners and this one shined above the rest.Easy to use and 'll keep this on my phone for sure." "Extremely accurate and love the high definition graphics an the U!Thanks so much" "very easy to use. Wish had ten years ago" " just got my son his first guitar. This app is easy to use and has already been very handy. Must have for beginners and convenient for learning to hear notes too." "Worked great to tune my mandolin. Requested mandolin tuning in a future update and received a prompt response" " don't have a bad thing to say about this app at like a charm" and more… Thanks, everyone. We will keep making the best music APPs for you.



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