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dentify break in attempts with Photo and Create decoy passcodes to fool intruders Do you have photos or videos on your phone that you want to keep private? Password protect your favorite photos, videos, contacts and websites to keep them safe from prying eyes. REVEWS love the fact that can take whatever photos and videos want and save them without worrying about who sees them. My kids use my phone all the time. don't have photos want to hide, but just want to keep my photos safe so they don't get deleted accidentally. This app let's me keep a copy of my photos safe all the time. The Decoy Mode is the best! When my girlfriend asks me about this app, can give her my fake password and she can see have nothing to hide. Why Private Files And Photos is better than other apps mport Videos and Photos from your Photo Library Take Photos / Videos directly from the app's built in Camera Export and Share your secret videos and photos Decoy Mode so you can give people a "fake password" to see your decoy folders Built in camera will take pictures and store location of each login so you know about breakin attempts Badge alerts to show breakin attempts Choose between a Passcode or Dot Lock Protection Notes The app name on your device will be "My Folder". Location services must be turned on in order for the app to access your photo library and videos ntruder photos are available for devices with frontcamera only. Rear photos are available for other devices. The app can not delete photos and videos from your library. So you must delete them manually after importing them. All files are stored securely in the app so they remain password protected and private. created Private Files And Folders because wanted my secret folder where could keep my private photos and videos, my secret photos and videos, and my hidden photos and videos safe. wanted my hidden folder to secure my documents and included the ability to use dot lock protection or a passcode and decoy passcodes to secure my photos even more.



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