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The Primal Blueprint eating strategy is simpleeat meat, fish, fowl, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, and a little bit of highfat dairy. But simple doesn't mean always easy. That's where the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan comes in. We provide you with the shopping lists, meal plans and recipes you need to start eating Primal today and keep eating Primal every day thereafter. Nothing is worse than being one key ingredient short while cooking. Our weekly shopping lists include all the ingredients you needin the exact quantities you need themto keep meal planning and prep easy and convenient. All of our delicious recipes are tested and approved by our very own inhouse chef Jennifer Meier. Each meal is carefully crafted to fulfill your primal needs. EASYTOFOLLOW Weekly meal plans are sent straight to your inbox or accessed directly with our Meal Plan App. Use the App to customize your recipes and create storespecific shopping lists. We’ve got your complete guide to breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, every day, including leftovers to save you time in the kitchen. We know that every household is different; that’s why we’ve created an easytoadjust meal plan. Simply tap on each meal and chose how many people will be eating. The app then calculates the ingredients needed and automatically creates the smart shopping list. We want to make shopping simpler and save you even more time! The smart shopping lists are prepopulated by the choices you make on the adjustable weekly meal plan. You can also assign each item on the list to a specific health food store/supermarket and create storespecific shopping lists. All shopping lists are adjustable and shareable. Post tips, comments and questions to interact with other Primal Blueprint Meal Plan subscribers. Search through all our Primal Blueprint recipes in the Recipe Archive. Fresh meal plans are automatically downloaded to your app every Tuesday. Yes, it’s that easy!



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