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Top seller in phonics and education apps More than 10000 apps sold. This app is like an interactive book with clear images and sounds. t will help the kids learn how to spell and read their first words. This app uses a different method of teaching phonics than other apps. Most apps will teach new words to kids as “an” words, “at” words….With this the child will not be able to read any word he comes across but will be looking for the words like “an”, “at” only. Here we train the child to look for individual sounds rather the combined sounds. So when we teach to the child, it is through three sounds “b”,”a” and “t” and with this the child is able to read and spell almost any word he comes across. The app is designed keeping in mind the level of kids at this stage. Beginning Sounds or the sounds with which a word starts are the easiest to recognize. Then we go to ending sounds which are again consonant sounds. And then the vowel sounds. Parents are very much satisfied with the results of this app. This app helped my two girls read their first books so easily. Just love it. This is one of the best apps have found to help my 5 year old learn to read. t is nearly perfect. Used by many schools worldwide for its satisfactory performance.



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