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Spend less time tuning, and more time playing. Precision Violin Tuner utilises your builtin microphone to help you tune extremely accurately. Alternatively, pitchperfect reference sounds and a tone generator are provided if you wish to tune by ear. The highly configurable tuning technology in Precision Violin Tuner is simply second to none. The frequency analysis is accurate up to 1/1000 of a cent (pinpoint accuracy). Intricately designed vector graphics (taking full advantage of the stunning retina display) provides unrivalled visual feedback of violin string oscillation. You will observe a pixelperfect representation of frequency deviation. All that aside, every single aspect of the Precision Violin Tuner has been designed to ease the task of tuning your violin. Simplicity is key. Sporting a sleek, cleverly designed interface, the amount of screen tapping is kept to an absolute minimum. It is even possible to tune without tapping a single thing. Just open up the app, tune, and play beautiful music. There is even a helpful builtin tuning guide for all you beginners out there! Here is a list of cool features Frequency detection accurate up to 1/1000th of a cent. Automatic string recognition Accurate reference pluck sounds Tone generator Chaotic noise ignorance (ignores random, unsteady sounds) Crisp and simple vector graphics Effective frequency deviation indicators Adjustable microphone sensitivity Calibration Configurable reference sound behaviour Ability to disable device AutoLock User guide and tuning advice Beautifully simple user interface


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