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PreSeason Soccer Training is your new virtual athletic trainer for soccer coaches and players. includes 5 training programs for football, divided in 5 categories Children and juniors, Amateur and semipro, 5player soccer (futsal), First Team and professional, plus an individual Preparation training. The first 4 categories contain 4 reconstruction programs to be carried out in the period of preseason until the beginning of the season. The workouts are described daytoday, in each one you will find Heating, Technical part, Tactical Employment, Athletics and regeneration phase . Each category is structured on a schedule of 4 weeks with a total of 28 sessions. These four preparation categories, focus on training Aerobic and Anaerobic on increasing loads during the first 3 weeks of work and a low priority anaerobic training during the first 10 days. The Individual preparation contains an excellent maintenance program to be carried out prior to the preparation with the team. This will allow the player to get to the start of preseason with a good basic condition and reducing the risk of injury. This class is scheduled on 3 weeks and can also be used by those who wish to start a physical activity after a period of inactivity. This prepreparation contains predominantly moderateintensity aerobic sessions. Much more In addition to all this, includes other useful features, including the creation of lists of favorites, the possibility of adding notes, creation of personal sessions, free upgrades and full compatibility with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All training sessions are available both in Italian and in English.


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