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PolyRhythm was developed for all professional musicians, regardless of instrument, whether composing, performing or conducting! The app produces the most common rhythmic overlays (such as 53) using two different clicks accompanied by a display of the score. vailable rhythmic overlays range from 32 to 134 on a systematic basis with decadic BPMsteps for best study results. regular metronome (also with decadic BPMsteps) is included. ll sounds are based on loops in order to achieve maximum accuracy. Please make sure that the Ring/Silent switch of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is in ring mode (otherwise there will be no sound). "PolyRhythm, your precise metronome for complex rhythmic structures!" Wolfram Winkel, author and codeveloper, lecturer for rhythm and percussion at the University of Music and Performing rts Munich lite version and more www.fiveoverthree.com

Website: http://www.fiveoverthree.com


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