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ale! Just $1.99! Download Now! upport for Metadata Tags (This means you can now see which department is talking each time a call goes out! Bringing you closer than ever to a real scanner) this is a unbelievable awesome new feature only found in Police Radio. (feature currently available on select feeds only) Police Radio is a fast & easy to use application for listening to live Police, Fire, and Weather frequencies throughout the United tates, Canada and more! With Police Radio you can listen to all your favorite emergency frequencies such as and at the fraction of the cost of a real scanner. Follow along with the action using the built in police code list so you never miss a beat. Police Radio also supports stereo bluetooth audio output for listening in your vehicle or wherever you may have bluetooth & network connectivity. want you to know that your app right now is accounting for 8% of our overall listeners. That is our top mobile application listener! That is by Lindsay Blanton / RadioReference.com "4.5 mice out of 5! With an easytouse interface and great support, Police Radio could be just the ticket if you’ve got the citizensband itch to scratch." by Rob de la Cretaz / Macworld.com iPod controls (pause & play everywhere) leep timer! upport for alpha tags / metadata! Realistic scrolling text! High resolution retina display graphics! Ability to save your favorite stations! Ability to add and edit custom stations! Intuitive & easy to navigate interface! Background audio support! Directly Plugs Into RadioReference.com! Ability to disable auto lock! Fast & excellent customer support. (Just read the reviews!) Top reasons to buy Police Radio 1. Top Notch Design, Graphics & Functionality! 2. Proven & Tested Technology ince 2009! 3. olid & Bug Free! It Just Works! 4. Gold tandard In treaming Technology. 5. Best Customer upport Team! 6. Top RadioReference.com Mobile Police App! 7. 4.5 out of 5 by Macworld.com! 8. Feature by Apple 2010 iTunes Rewind! 9. atisfaction Guaranteed! Please visit http//radioreference.com for a full list of supported locations. Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation. Disclaimer This software connects you to Police, Fire and scanners and that being said the Police Radio app is not to be used to impede Law Enforcement from performing there normal duties.


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