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Upgrade your Pokédex to PokeGéar to become a Master at Pokémon. PokéGear helps in breeding selection and recommending battle arrangements. Get PokéGear with no risk! PokéGear comes with all of the Kanto region (first 151 Pokémon for FireRed and LeafGreen), any extra collections (and regions) require an inapp purchase. Data, stats, and information on all 718 Pokémon as well as stats and data on all Moves, Items, and Abilities for games Red/Blue through (Generations 1 through 6). Trying to look for a Pokémon with specific moves, abilities, or types? Advanced Search will let you do that. Check out exactly what you need and where you can find it to become a Master. Advanced search allows you to filter your results by types, abilities, moves, egg type, and region. Attack Matchups, Type Matchups, and Natures are also a part of the Tools in PokéGear. All of the data and info is stored in your device, no internet connection required for use! However, internet connection required for inapp purchase. The advanced Individual Value Calculator allows you to look into your Pokemon and figure out how good they can be! Legal Disclaimer This is not an official guide or affiliated to the game's developer(s) or publisher(s). All the descriptions, characters, locations, and imagery of game content used in this app are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this game guide/material falls within Copyright law guidelines of "Fair Use" and equivalent in other jurisdictions. This guide is intended purely for educational purposes and is intended to be used alongside the Nintendo games.


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