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“Pokecolo” is a social app where you can communicate with other users. You are able to dress up your avatar, and decorate their room. Come and join! ゚・.。. .。.・゜゚・.。. .。.・゜ Game features Communicate and interact with your friends Design your avatar to your tastes Travel to your friends’ worlds and see how they’re living Lend a helping hand and care for your friends' worlds Make new friends Complete quests to earn medals Model and remodel your world with new items ゚・.。. .。.・゜゚・.。. .。.・゜ Travel to different worlds! Visit your friends’ worlds and get medals Collect medals to complete quests and earn prizes Make friends and help them water their trees You just might get something in return! Communicate and interact Exchange 11 Talk messages Show your appreciation by sending gifts Use the message board to talk about anything! wide range of items for your avatar Feel free to change clothes and decorate anyway you want! New items are added every week! There are over 7000 items Energetic and cute avatars Grow and harvest fruit from your own tree or others' Cook yummy dishes with the crops you grow If your avatar is stinky, give them a shower! If your avatar is sleep, let them nap! ゚・.。. .。.・゜゚・.。. .。.・゜ IMPORTNT Please note the following. Compatible with iPhone4/iPhone3GS/iPod touch4g or greater i5.1.1 or greater .゜..゜..゜..゜. Official Blog http//ameblo.jp/pocketcolony/


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