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Play by Numbers is a tool for memorizing music represented using the popular Nashville Notation. Performing Musicians use number rather that absolute notes to make it easy to change keys. They write the performance sheet music using numbers. This application provides a game to help memorize these sequences. Here is how it works When you hit play, the system will show you the sections of the music to you one at a time and give you a change to reflect back the sequence. It's a bit like the electronic game simon. The farther you get in the song, the greater the score. The design of the tool is not only design to help you memorize, but be able to get a simple glance at the sequence and recall all the numbers. It's fun and educational. It great for music and memorizing number sequences in general. This is the first of a set of number games to come by Christos. Thanks and God Bless, the Christos team...


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