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Playing with Corabelle is just fun! You even learn numbers, amounts, colors, shapes and series in a new, creative and loving way. From easy to challenging, there is something here for everyone. Lovingly created graphics and smooth, natural sounds make this app perfectly suited to children of preschool age. Play and learn with Corabelle sets aside any textual explanation and is very easy to use. When a problem is solved, you'll be rewarded with a lot of glittery stars. Exclusively for all iPads from version 2 (iOS 8) and higher. Eleven educational games are waiting for the little ones 1. Matching Pairs Try to remember the 4 or 6 correct pairs. Two difficulty settings. 2. Matching Patterns Shapes and colors in the right combination form a beautiful flower chain. 3. iming and Throwing Game The flower seed has to be put into the flower pot. Not as easy as it looks! If you score, there's a surprise for you. 4. Shadow Shapes Puzzle Butterflies and Flowers have to be put together in these puzzles. 5. The Four Seasons Drag and drop the correct images to the related season. 6. Matching Shadows These shadows have gone crazy. Where do they belong? 7. Matching Numbers and mounts Just move the right animals and flowers to the numbers. 8. Odd one out Quiz What does not belong to the group? Your logical thinking is required here. 9. Spot The Difference known game in a new design. What is different between these two pictures? 10. Matching Numbers and ddition/subtraction Game Combines counting with addition and subtraction from 110. 11. Seek and Find Game Where do the small pictures from the magic vase belong? + Beautiful graphics and music + Short tutorial for each problem + Lots of glittery stars + Easy to play + Family friendly + No ds + No connection to social media + No Inpp purchases + No data collection + No request for personal information + Secured parental area with additional links / information Feedback & Contact Please email us any comments at On our website,, you can also watch a video of "Play and Learn with Corabelle". Visit us on Facebook Have fun!



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