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First time ever on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, application that will hopefully become the Swiss Knife for every car enthusiast, professional or just curious people (taking the price into account, what else). Main features License plates Search for its issue date, from 1900 to date, no matter if its spanish, french or british. In Spain also moped, trailers and special vehicles plates can be searched. Tyre information Enter the codes in any tyre and receive loads of information about it (manufacture date, rim size, diameter, speed index…). Find equivalent tyres for different rims in a couple of taps with the new 'Tyre Equivalents" screen. Additional features Automatic database updating as new license plates get issued and published, in a completely unattended way or forcedly from the 'About' screen, tapping the date's button. Weekly updates will be the standard frequency. iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 and iPad 2 and 3 retina display fully supported. iOS versions from 6.0 to latest 8.1 Favorite license plates management, now with photos!!! Take your own pics of the car/bike/trailer/quad whose plate you want to save. It will also be shown in the main search screen. No more generic photos for your favorites!!! Help screens from every function screen, helping you to understand the application and the data you must provide. Double search system, a nice, graphical one with a rolling picker and a faster and more functional one keying text in directly into a text box. In iPhone, doubletapping the picker will expand it so it's easier to use, and a second double tap will shrink it back to it normal size. The license plate issue date gets 'automagically' searched as soon as you have keyed in a valid license, according to the selected country license plate forming rules. The application takes into account those rules and 'force' you to search only for valid license plates up to where we have been able to implement. For spanish license plates, it takes into account reissues of old licenses, as it happens with GErona and GIrona, for example, where and are both valid and belonging to the same vehicle. Even it gets automatically updated via Internet, it works fully offline, no need at all of Internet access to perform plate searches, nor tyre data. Fully translated into English, French and Spanish. The app self configures on startup depending on your device selected language. The App will now remember it's own state between runs, in every screen. And what's next???? We're working hard to add the following Buy car reports directly in the App. Even better Favourites handling, thinking in the professional users. More vehicles data, sharing options, ... Among the many uses that everyone may find to such a tool like this, we developers have come out with these Everyone looking to buy a secondhand vehicle, now has an easy and portable way to check the real vehicle age against the seller's reported one, no Internet required!!! For the vehicle seller, it's the perfect tool to show your clients the license plate's date, endorsed by a completely independent third party (not us, we just take the data published by the authorities and include it in the App). And with the Favorites tab, you can take your car/bike inventory with you with one photo for each plate. How many times, in a trip, a car show, a movie..., have we seen a really old car and we wondered How old may that car be??? This question will no longer remain unanswered from now on... Contact the developer to ask for improvements or report problems in the support email or the App Store (in the latest we won't be able to answer, though). Enjoy the application and rate it honestly, Thank You!!!



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