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"Don't split heaven in two ..." It is thirty years since a world war put an end to space development. Most of the human race is dead and incessant rain falls on the surface of the Earth. The Junk Hunter earns his living from scavenging precious supplies from abandoned cities. The Junk Hunter infiltrates a Sealed City, reputed to be the most dangerous places on Earth. In the center of the city, he discovers a prewar Planetarium. Here he is greeted by the companion robot, Yumemi Hoshino. She sincerely believes that he is her first customer in thirty years. She invites him on a "voyage to the stars," but the Planetarium projector malfunctions. After a succession of disjointed conversations, the Junk Hunter grudgingly agrees to fix it. The kinetic novel a thrilling new form of entertainment. It is neither novel, nor animation, nor game… With the highest quality scenario, graphics, music and direction, it achieves a whole new dimension of realism and pathos for the lead characters. The and mobile telephone version of "planetarian Dream of Little Star" achieved sales of over 50,000. Now it is back to be enjoyed on your iPhone and iPad. Writer Yuichi Suzumoto Original Images / Mechanic Design Eiji Komatsu Music Magome Togoshi This is an application version of the Windows software "planetarian Dream of Little Star Memorial Edition for all ages" released on April 30, 2010.



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