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In a city full of hundreds of pizzerias, there are good slices and bad slices, pies that transplant you back to Naples and pies that leave you wondering how such a restaurant stays in business. Have you ever wanted someone with pizza street credentials to narrow your choices and guide you to the best pie or slice around? Pie Nearby will tell you exactly where to get the best slice or pie based on your location. No need to think about it, pop open the app and we will instantly calculate the best place to grab a pizza within walking distance.... can't get much easier than that! Our pizza expert grew up in a family run pizza shop of over 60 years! After moving to in the mid 00s, he has made it his personal mission to try new pizza at every opportunity. At the end of law school he launched a weekly Tuesday night pizza night with friends with the aim of exploring New York’s historical pizza shops and parlors, which morphed into a full blown obsession. Combine this with extensive travel and exploration of many types of pizza in Italy, from Naples (da Michele, Trianon, Starita, etc.) to Rome and countless small hill towns inbetween (Pizza all’Ascolana), our author has developed a vast knowledge base which we are happy to share with you. Buon Appetito!

Website: http://pienearby.com


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