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From theimums.com think the developer has done a great job with this app it is engaging, simple to use, is very adjustable allowing it to be used by students with a range of abilities, and has the ability to track settings and data from multiple students. ll this for $9.99 a real bargain!! Highly recommended!" “She is eating an apple under the tree.” What does that sentence really mean? What would it look like? Picture the Sentence is an exciting app designed to practice language and auditory processing tasks at the basic sentence level. This app offers three different levels of difficulty so the child can learn how to attend to important elements of a sentence and “picture it,” attaching meaning to the words and eventually forming mental pictures without visual support. It is also an excellent choice for anyone who is trying to learn and understand the English language. Turn the voice commands off and the text feature on, and this game can also be a great way to practice basic reading comprehension skills too! To watch a demonstration of this app and its features, please check our video on You Tube http//youtu.be/gaiE7OQVQ on the Hamaguchipps channel. We have incorporated a cute “PickaDoor” game, which can be selected at varying intervals so the user can take a break and have a little fun. The user opens each door until an animal comes out and says, "You found me!" Options in the Settings Include Choice of color drawing icons or stick figures Levels include Easy (slow, with visual support staying on the screen) Intermediate (faster rate with pauses, with visual support flashing briefly on the screen) and dvanced (no pausing or visual support) Text on/Text off Choice of subjects Pronouns (He/she/they) or nouns (boy/girl/children) Sandtimer (This delays the presentation of the picture choices so there is a greater challenge to the child’s working memory.) It is enabled in the "default" mode but can be easily turned off Sentence Types Subject + verb, subject + verb + object, subject + verb + prepositional phrase, subject + verb + object + prepositional phrase Progress/Data tracker that allows you to collect and save data, email it or print it Hamaguchi pps is dedicated to the mission of bringing highquality apps to the general public and professionals for affordable prices. We recommend you download this app over a WiFi connection rather than through phone lines due to the app size, so the download is not interrupted.Please contact our tech support if you are experiencing any technical issues with our apps. We will always help you troubleshoot it and get back to you generally within one business day. We cannot respond to reviews and there are generally easy solutions to every issue. info@hamaguchiapps.com POLICY We do collect personal data from our users and have no ads. Personal data regarding user performance on the tasks on this app are selfcontained and not transmitted in any way. There are no inapp purchases in this app. demo link will allow a user with internet access to view a video on YouTube to learn about the features of this app, as well as a link to our other apps in the iTunes store. Developed by Patti Hamaguchi, M.., CCCSLP, a noted speechlanguage pathologist and author of Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems What Every Parent Should Know, as well as books on the treatment of auditory processing disorders. To find out more about this app, report a problem, ask a question or find out about our other upcoming projects, visit our website www.hamaguchiapps.com

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