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The best app to search photos from the Internet. Browse beautiful photos from multiple Internet services arranged sidebyside for maximum efficiency. picTrove 2 finds the highest quality photos, shows a crisp image resized to your device resolution, and saves the original files for later actions. picTrove 2 searches Google, Bing, Flickr, 500px, Twitter, Instagram, deviantART and Giphy natively. Searches on Tumblr.com, Blogger.com, Wordpress.com and Pinterest.com are powered through web search for the ultimate experience of browsing photos sidebyside from a total of 12 search services! Search query customization Query each service for exactly the results that you want, with easy slider controls to change settings. Sidebyside search Thumbnails of results from all the services are available next to each other, so you can efficiently find the photo you're looking for. Browse Deeper When you find a photo you like, you can dive deeper into the site or user to find more photos. Both Google and Bing results support finding similar images, more sizes and website based actions. Flickr, 500px and Twitter results support user actions to find more photos by the user. share action While browsing in Safari or other supporting apps use the powerful share action to open any website in picTrove to search and see all photos from the website. Full image prefetching As you browse through full photos, picTrove downloads the photos ahead of your current place so you don't have to wait for them to load when you get there. Slideshow An automated slideshow mode allows presentations with hardware accelerated OpenGL transition effects Animated GIFs are fully supported External screen support Hook up an external screen with Airplay mirroring, or with an external screen adapter and see the full photo on your large screen! Hardware controller / keyboard support Bluetooth keyboards or controllers that send up/down left/right can be used to navigate photos in full view Saved Photos You can collect photos that you like within picTrove, for browsing later or for collective actions Saved Searches picTrove automatically saves your search phrases when you navigate to the full view of any result, for easy reuse. Saved searches can be automatically cleared by app settings. Passcode Lock Protect your saved searches and saved photos from prying eyes with an app passcode lock Full screen photo viewer The full screen viewer offers all standard features including swipe navigation, pinch and doubletap zoom Extensive display and app customization Many settings to control exactly what details you want to see on thumbnails and full photo view. picTrove 2 is fully customizable as per your preferences. Photo actions Action buttons in the full photo view allow you to perform many different operations on any photo you like. Share and Open in actions allow you to integrate with any supporting app on your device. Web actions allow you to browse to the photo page in the inbuilt browser, Safari or Google Chrome. for "open " integration to search from other apps. 3rd party apps can trigger search in picTrove 2 pro with keywords or browse all images from a website. Edit photos with Aviary editor The powerful Aviary photo editor is included to edit any photo you like, to do everything from color adjustments to Meme making. iTunes file sharing Save a lot of photos in picTrove? Copy the original files to your computer; simply navigate to picTrove 2 pro in iTunes on your Mac or and copy to a local folder. Works on WiFi too! More services, features are always in development. picTrove requires a fast Internet connection for optimum usage. Twitter and Instagram results are available only after logging in with your account. Please contact us with the inbuilt support email instead of posting bad reviews, we cannot reply to your reviews.

Website: http://traversient.com/pictrove2/


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