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We test our watermelons before we buy them. Why don't you? Now you can too! The PickAMelon app is here to make your watermelon the best watermelon! Tired of trying to determine how good that watermelon is? Thumping it, staring at it, shaking it, but you're still not sure. Then you get it home to share with your friends and family only to be disappointed and embarrassed. Yuck! Today is your lucky day! You have found the most sophisticated watermelon ripeness detector available in the app store. All you need to do is place the microphone of your smartphone on the watermelon. Just knock on the melon until all three test lights are glowing and wait for the result. Our proprietary scientific process will detect the frequency range created by you knocking on the melon and compare it to well known specifications from years of watermelon research completed in three different countries in order to tell you if the watermelon is ready to take home. Fun, Fast and Tasty! Download the PickAMelon app and buy better melons. It's that simple!


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