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By the codevelopers of The Other Brothers comes a retro tinker toy where you can play with sound and physics. Create organic and chaotic music with your device using the beautiful, retro tinkertool that is Physynth! Physynth has a selection of the finest vintage and retro sounds as well as a selection of modern sounds and allows you to play them in a revolutionary way rediscover your creative side! Designed specifically for the new iPad and iPad 2, Physynth pushes your device to the limits to create a truly fun audiovisual experience, bring back that sepiatoned nostalgia of finding a "real" piece of 70s hardware in the garage. iPad3 Retina ready and iPad2 optimised! No need for technical knowhow. If you can draw a line, you can create Physics Soundscapes with Physynth! Revolutionary physicsbased performance tool! Cutting edge graphics featuring unique shaders to emulate wood, plastic, glass and realistic materials that react to tilt and realtime lighting. Headphones are recommended for full stereo immersion and realtime panning. Regular updates with new functionality and new Instruments for free! contact us via twitter for feedback and suggestions, we will try to reply to everyone! NOTE iPad1 owners may encounter difficulties due to low memory. If you experience difficulties, please try restarting your device. Physynth is designed for and runs best on iPad2 and the new iPad. SAYING Creation Machine “Every now and then in a sea of copycats we see something truly new and unique that catches our attention” http// Appadvice “Overall Physynth is a blast; anyone who appreciates music and enjoys creating it will value the effort the designer’s put into this app.” http// Discchord “Physynth is a great example of an experimental music app; offering the control you need to make meaningful experiments with predictable outcomes.” http// Evolutionary Arts “It is gobsmacking and amazing to say the least.” http// Dave Linabury Definitely worth the download! Very interesting approach and just damn addictive. via Wire to the Ear http// LINKS View the advert now at Crafted by Simian Squared twitter @SquaredApe and @ChimpSquared TH APP Click the "Buy App" arrow on the iTunes® App Store.



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