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Pharmacist Pro checks the compatibility of drugs in the offline mode for any quantity of drugs taken at the same time. We often take several medications at the same time. But how safe is it? Sometimes we don`t have the opportunity to see a doctor, and not always the doctor to whom you have been addressed is aware of your medical history. Pharmacist has information about the interactions of more than 7,000 drugs. This is the result of careful analysis of more than 50,000 drug names. We have left only those drugs for which was found any interactions. We save your time. The application provides a detailed description of the interactions with links to authoritative sources and clinical research, through which you can now make the treatment much more secure. FEATURES instant search of the drug; you do not have to remember the whole name, just enter the part of it and the app will offer a list of possible options; instant analysis of the list of drugs and withdrawal interactions immediately after the addition of another drug; evident and clear display of the current interactions; the audited list of appointments can contain an unlimited number of medications; for each interaction there is a detailed description in English with links to authoritative publications and clinical research; Pharmacist is always at hand the application doesn`t need a permanent connection to the Internet.



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