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Pet sitting and dog walking businesses are at high nowadays and like any other thing in life; pet sitting job too requires a lot of management and planning to be done effectively. It is essential to keep all checks and records of all pets that will be availing your service. Previously all the paperwork and comprehensive solutions needed to perform the service was very discouraging however making life easier for all is the new Pet Sitting Software which allows the option of creating a vast database of pets and their related events. The software is also exceptionally useful for zoo keepers or pet shop owners, circuses and farmers as well. The program allows easy storing and retrieval of all reports and notes relating to different animals thus allowing easy navigation through day to day functions. You can also store any medical history, favorite food and even favorite toys notices on the program as there is no limit to adding comments for a certain pet or animal. Anyone who has to manage a number of pets knows very well that it becomes almost impossible to remember every small detail and going into paperwork is time consuming. Pet sitting software is one in all solution to all pet business related problems making all processes as easy as one can wish for. The speedy, simple and easy menu of the software includes four distinct icons namely Pet Sitters, Clients (Read Pets), Reports and Scheduler. The Pet Sitter section allows each Sitter to create a personal profile of his or her own where all appointments and job details and histories can be stored to be retrieved or looked up to whenever needed. The Clients section stores in all information about the clients in this case the pets that will be serviced by the sitters, including addresses, contact details and emails addresses of owners. The option of making a direct phone call from the program is also available. Not only can you save in the email, mobile, home and work phone numbers along with the address, but you can also capture photos of the clients if you want and save it with their profile. The Reports section allows adding comments in form of adding necessary and important notes with the time, date and earnings of each service provided each day. You can easily refer to this section for information regarding any previous service provided or for any future service that may be needed. The Scheduler arranges all necessary information in form of a calendar where old and new appointments can be checked and made. Each date shows the total earning of the day alo0ng with job details as well.


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