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What’s your personality? How do you and your loved ones, friends, and coworkers compare? Imagine having quick access to the right keywords to get your point across! Whether you’re in a boring meeting, on the phone with a challenging client, or dealing with a flustered family member this application is for you. The essential themes of each personality Type are just a tap away. You can also explore each personality in depth learn a person’s core needs and values, cognitive processes, interaction style, team behavior, pitfalls, growth points, and much more. You will quickly learn about Type Theory and how to positively influence others using the “Compare” feature. This feature relies on sophisticated algorithms to show you the likely commonalities, differences, and synergies between two people. The algorithms compare communication, problem solving, learning and adaptation, love relationships, growth and change, and more. Personality is far more than just superficial traits. Personality reveals motivation and cognition why (and how) people act. In short, this application helps you discover what makes people “tick”. When you know why someone needs something, or how they prefer to go about doing a task or interaction, then you have leverage to improve the situation. For almost six decades, thousands of successful professionals counselors, teachers, managers, coaches, salespeople, and others have used the insights of Type Theory. Type Theory is supported by decades of published statistical analysis of over six million people. The famous and highly respected Dr. Carl Jung first described eight cognitive processes people use. The eight processes combine to match the sixteen personality Types. Thus, when you learn about Type Theory, you learn what occurs on the inside; in a person’s head and heart and how they relate backandforth with others. No other personality theory can give you this picture. This application is ideal for serious students of psychology. Learning about ourselves and others is not done by simply “taking a test” that “tells” us who we are. lthough we include multiple personality assessments, genuine learning for adults involves continual exploration and reflection. This application gives you tools; you the one who brings the curiosity and patience for discovery. This application is the work of renowned Type Theorist and professor Dario Nardi, PhD, author of numerous books on personality psychology, cognition, and selfleadership. Dr. Nardi has worked with many other experts, including practicing organizational development consultants and psychologists. What you get is the product of many minds and personalities, not just one. Save Multiple Personality ssessments and Profiles For Reference Includes Three Personality ssessments “Short Form”, “Long Form”, and “StandardForm” Essential Details of the WellKnown 16 Personality Types etc) by Isabel BriggsMyers Keywords to pply Subtle Influence on Others Super “Compare” Feature to Pinpoint and Manage Commonalities and Differences Between ny Two Personality Types n Explanation of Type Theory with Links to Handy Online Resources



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