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Disclaimer This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true locating people functionality. People Locate is the next revolutionary magic app. t allows the performer to search your audience's precise location as if it is based on their phone number. No real tracking, but it sure makes them think they are being watched. 100% People Locate always locates your audience with 100% accuracy Easy to fall for the trick, in fact everyone have tried on fell for it. EXECUT f you know how to use a phone, you know how to use People Locate QUCKEST TRCK Can be performed within seconds, a great icebreaker, a fun prank, a gettinghernumber move What others are saying "People Locate is an AMAZNG neat little tool that helps me entertain my friends, and get phone numbers in the bar!" Stephen Smith " use People Locate to pull pranks on my teenagers, they thought that could tell where they are!" Mary, housewife "Reactions from the audience is amazing, People Locate is priceless, so simple yet such a great effect on people" David "Cool Hands" Magic, street magician Get People Locate now, the possibilities are endless!!! magine ... You sitting in a pub with your friend, you ask what she is doing afterwards. " am going to ..." She smiles. "Don't lie to me, because can spy on your location" You say how do you do that?" She is amused. " got this EXCLUSVE app that can locate people within "Yeah right... really?!" She doesn't buy it, you tell her to enter her number in People Locate... Seconds later... S S!!! + Easy to use. Simple text input interface + Accurate to within 10s of meters + Perform to person with you + napp addressbook with past Locates + UNLMTED number of searches + Past Locates can be pinned on map + Past locates have timestamps + You D'T have to operate the app, they can T MSELVES M WTH Download People Locate now!


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