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to Excel Converter exports files to editable and modifiable Microsoft Office Excel documents quickly and efficiently. t convert file back to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with wellpreserved original texts, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and bezier graphics. And you can easily edit, reuse and calculate the data in output excel(.xlsx) documents. t support opened in popular mobile office editor app(such as Microsoft Excel iOS, Polaris Office, or QuickOffice). f you want to convert to more formats, like to Word, to Powerpoint, to to etc., please try our Other Converter. Key Features Support 64bit iOS 8, Optimises for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Easily import , convert a 50 pages to Excel within 20 secs, Extremely fast!! Conversion Process 100% on your local iOS device, No internet connection need. Output well organized Excel content, preserving content layout, the color, font style, tables and images remain the same as the original pdf document, Very convenient tool, Reusing the presentation cannot be easier. Convert any particular pages (e.g. 1, 38, 26 or all pages) to save your time. Save time on learning complicated Excel editing knowledge; Save energy on skipping ads and annoying popup window ask for buying; Connect to online cloud storage support, include Cloud Me, MyDisk.se and any or WebDAV Server. Offer you 4 ways to transfer files(Open in.., iTunes file sharing, Wifi Sharing and Cloud Disk) Support Microsoft Office 2007, 2008, 2011 Excel Application, not completely compatible with iWorks apps. Quick Start Export Excel from a file in mail app can be as easy as three steps 1. Open Mail app, use "Open n.." to send source file to to Excel. 2. Go to to Excel app, touch to open the source file where text come from. 3. Click "Convert" button to extract to Excel files. Other Features mport from Mail, Safari, Adobe Reader, GoodReader, Dropbox and other apps. Buildin Text Editor let you view and edit text files. Mail out documents as email attachments or Send files to other apps("Open n.." integration). Share and Compress files to .zip file. File manager, rename, copy, move, delete and compress. Paste file(s) from clipboard (Add files from other app). Copy file to clipboard (Used for mail or other app). Wifi file transfer (Use Web Browser or WebDAV clients to Upload or Download files). file transfer (iTunes file sharing). Print to AirPrintenable printers. Notice Currently to Excel version don't have function, the scanned files will be extracted to image in Excel xlsx. However, we suggest you to use other professional app to recognize editable text from image. (The lite version only can convert 3 pages of to Excel, you can buy our full version to support more features.) Support both iPhone and iPad! Several sample files have been included, you can test it right now! 1. Why get "Converting failed" error message when extracting from a file? Do you have a (Adobe Acrobat) file which cannot be printed, copied, or edited? Your file has had password security and other restrictions added, you need remove restrictions. 2. Why some text in file can not be extracted out? The file format is complex, there are cases that text in a file are actually pictures. We do not grantee to Excel will work for every file, especially ones that have picture text, we suggest you to use professional app to recognize text from image. Please send us your file for testing before buying our app, we will test it, and give you the result! We are continuously developing this app, so please feel free to contact us with your questions, suggestions or any problems, and we will reply Email support@feiphone.com Website http//www.feiphone.com

Website: http://www.feiphone.com


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