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Free today with ‘App of the Day’. Introduced by official App Store Facebook!!! Now your pictures can have a thousand words with Path On. Use crazy fonts to decorate your pictures with words, quotes, and lyrics, and share it with your friends. Don't worry about restrictions, type whatever and wherever you want. Draw a line with your finger and your text will appear along the line. We also provide simple shapes, like a spiral, circle, or square. Our app works great for anyone into scrapbooking, artistic photos, or even just making fun pictures to share. Path On features almost 300 different fontsno additional cost and unlimited use, of course with the ability to adjust the size, alignment, letter spacing, and more. With that many fonts, we understand it's hard to choose just one. That's why we added a Font Mix feature, so you can choose up to 5 fonts that will be randomly applied to your text. You can also make your fonts stand out even more by changing the backdrop or using one of our great filters. If you want to come back to it later, no worries. Your work can be saved at any time. And of course don't forget to share with your friends! Win a spot in our gallery by adding Pathonselection on Twitter and Facebook or @Pathonselection on Instagram. Don't know what to do? Try this Instead of a picture of just you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, make it special by adding love you' or your names in a heartshaped outline.



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